Some of you may be aware of a project called "therealbitcoin" and some of its development history.  Over the last few days I forked the project, dropped in the woodcoin genesis block, genesis merkle root, the skein woodcutting algorithm, the logarithmic supply curve, the relevant difficulty adjust parameters, and the magic header code:


unsigned char pchMessageStart[4] = { 0xfc, 0xd9, 0xb7, 0xdd };

and oh yeah the address prefix (crap there's always something to forget),

and by glum the thing works!  Syncs the whole woodcoin chain and behaves like a normal node on the network.  Even chops wood.  Cool eh?

The thing runs slower than other woodcoin clients in syncing and chopping and also is missing a lot of important RPC commands, but the process has been educative and this will be useful to have.

I stuck it on a github repo, which includes a tarball of the code with detached signature.  You can also grab it as a vpatch with seal if you like.  You might see some nodes reporting version 77777; that's what it will claim to be if you run it without modification.



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