Rationalizing Copyrasty

So you're probably thinking, why on God's green Earth would anybody want to rationalize such a depraved and deplorable activity as copyrasty?  Surely those who claim to own a number or claim the right to forbid people from trading things in mutual consent, are parasitic imbeciles dragging back humanity.  Well, yes, of course.

That being said, we should also acknowledge that every thing in life has its purpose and its reason.

Cause just like a tree planted - planted by the rivers of water
That bringeth forth fruits - bringeth forth fruits in due season;
Everything in life got its purpose,
Find its reason in every season.

So, while we acknowledge that orcs attacking people "because they copied" is always indication of the orcs' stupidity, unhappiness, and low self esteem, we also acknowledge that there ain't no shoulda to an empiricist.

Blah blah, what an elaborate introduction for such a simple concept that really should be introduced Socratically:

1)  Are there people who might listen to the copyrasts and stop trying to share culture, information, and progress humanity?  You know, cause it's illegal and stuff?

2)  What kind of people in general might these copyrast-listeners be?

3)  What kind of cultural, scientific, and literary items might these kind of people be trying to share?

4)  Do we really want this kind of material shared in the first place?
So there you have it in a nutshell.  Anyone easily dissuaded by copyrasts probably wasn't really contributing anyway.  "I better not put this New Kids on the Block album in my C:/Shared directory, that would be illegal".

It's not a lot to go with, certainly it cannot outweigh the negatives produced by the copyrasts, but it's something.  There is slightly less garbage out there, thanks to those orcs.  Don't let it slow your arrows, your torrents, or your warez one little bit.

It's your ethical duty to keep alive the things you wish to keep alive, like for example (perhaps) your physical body.  This also includes those elements of the noosphere you wish to keep alive.  Literature, music, software, technology, language, art, etc.  Is there something worth protecting?  Share it, teach it, or it dies.  Get to work.

Or don't, because it's illegal.  You decide.



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