Woodcoin [LOG] information

Thanks for your interest in decentralized public currency, logarithmic money supplies, and in Satoshi codebase coins!

LOG provides coinbase support to miners for a much longer time making it more sustainable than coins with halving structure. LOG is a fair, cheap-to-use coin in the Satoshi codebase for all to use when others are too expensive or fail from centralization. The sum of the harmonic series is the LOGarithm.

Woodcoin [LOG] mobile wallets

Full Node Woodcore .deb binary

Woodcoin [LOG] information

Woodcoin [LOG] block explorers

Woodcoin [LOG] mining information

Woodcoin [LOG] paper wallet and address tools

Woodcoin [LOG] github code repositories

woodcoin (original full node C++)
woodcore (full node + core features)
woodcoinj-dev (java)
woodcoin-wallet-dev (android SPV wallet front end)
loughwallet (iphone serverless LOG wallet)
log-electrum (woodcoin electrum client wallet)
electrs-woodcoin (woodcoin electrum server in rust)

Woodcoin [LOG] community links

discord: https://discord.gg/hNS2bZaZxs,
telegram: @woodcoin_eng, @woodcoin_ruchat, @woodcoin_official
twitter: @WoodCoinWorld, @Woodcoin_jp

Wrapped Woodcoin for DeFi trading



Staking@ Hermesus

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Woodcoin [LOG] recent network peer list

Woodcoin uses a more secure elliptic curve

Archive of blog posts to Woodcoin.info