Woodcoin Holidays

Without the "halving days" celebrated by many of the original Satoshi codebase coins, choppers and stackers might be left feeling a little left out.  Not to worry!  There are several crucial days that we can celebrate, which mark the dropping of the coinbase award past a naturally significant amount.

Here's a partial list of these holidays and the expected time of arrival.  Of course the actual moment of arrival of these moments is impossible to predict, and if variance in the difficulty continues as high as it has been for the last few months, they will be somewhat delayed.

Holiday         Event                       Expected arrival

Pi day-      Reward drops below pi LOG        in 3 days
3 day -      Reward drops below 3  LOG        in a month
e day -      Reward drops below e  LOG        72 days
2 day -      Reward drops below 2  LOG        255 days
gold day -   Reward dropbs belw phi LOG       420 days    (phi ~ 1.618)
sqrt(2) day- Reward drops below sqrt(2) LOG   543 days
1 day -      Reward drops below 1 LOG         2.6 years
gamma day -  Reward drops below gamma LOG     5.4 years   (gamma ~ 0.577)
dime day -   Reward drops below 0.1 LOG       37 years
penny day -  Reward drops below 0.01 LOG      380 years
millie day - Reward drops below 0.001 LOG     3800 years

Are there any other significant numbers I should be aware of?  Your suggested rituals will be rewarded with (of course) a bounty of LOG.

In the meantime, please do also continue the lovely tradition of pouring a sip of Dwarven ale onto the living Earth every 10,000 blocks in the memory of the kingdom of Durin.


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