The wotarian prefers to consume food and drink which were produced from with the wotarian's web of trust [WOT].  Like other dietary choices, this can be pursued with various degrees of strictness, and never to perfection.

Wotarianism is inclusive of all other choices, in that the products could be of any class.  The important thing is that one knows who grew the spinach, pressed the oil, roasted the beans, or what have you.  At least one could in theory follow the web of trust and find the person or place where the thing originated.

Cryptographic signatures upon delivery or even in formalizing the WOT are not necessary.  Something as simple as "that guy with the old green pickup who sells onions in the parking lot" is enough to claim a wotarian dish.  Onions with a label stating "grown organically at 1800 Zwiebelnstrasse" and purchased at a shop do not yet appear wotarian.  If you know the guy who owns the shop, and he says "oh yeah, I got those from Tim", now the onions are wotarian.

The goal of wotarianism is to be assured in the knowledge of what you are eating and drinking.  Do you trust the labels?  Have you run a mass spectrometer and set up agar dishes of various types with samples?  Probably not.  Therefore wotarianism is the only solution short of growing everything yourself.  Growing everything yourself is known as L0 wotarianism.

Bon appetit!



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