Under the canoe

Bitcoin is now under the canoe.  Once under a canoe, there are two options.  One is a quick charge, back into the canoe, before eventual exit from the canoe.  The other is the abandon ship maneuver.  We stay under, take few long strokes underwater, and emerge upstream of the ship to burst back above the surface.

So what I'm talking about is comparing two goxing afterglows.  The goxing incidents in question are marked by the summer 2011 peak price of 32 USD/BTC, and the winter 2013 peak price of 1100 USD/BTC.

The blue line represents the former and begins at 32, and makes what I call the canoe.  You can see that the price didn't recover past the previous peak until some 650 days after the event.  The orange line continues to present day prices below 1/4 of the peak price when t=0.


There are some <100 or so days left before we are officially out of the canoe in some form or another.  Holding your breath while underwater is advisable.

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