Bitcoin's killer app

Everyone seems to have a story about the killer app. So here's mine.

Let's start with a brief introduction. The app. The application. It's a fancy word to describe a packaged program, some software you interact with to do something or other. A program is a sequence of instructions that operates on a computer. Still with me? That's a lot of syllables I know. Maybe we should have stuck with "app". Right? Because we don't want to break userland do we. Because in the end of the day, you're an idiot, who probably can't hold more than one syllable in your mind at a time, right? Wrong! You understand fundamentally that "app" is a pop culture word that feigns technological advancement while returning to an old style of computing management that one might call "pre-browser", but you also accept that semantic arguments are sysiphean and you are willing to use whatever language is at your disposal to get the job done. And shit you'll even swipe if you have to. So lets move on.

In fact lets move right on to the part where I tell you what bitcoin's killer app is.

Drumroll please...

and the bitcoin's killer app is...

*opens envelope*

and the winner is..


Commentator 1: So there you have it folks. "Bitcoin" is bitcoin's killer app.

Commentator 2: Wow what a shocker. I thought for sure it was going to be "the blockchain".

Commentator 1: Yes, or something from google or apple. They make great apps.

Commentator 2: Well, bitcoin is innovative. It has low fees.

To have a publicly verifiable unit of a account at your disposal for purposes of exchange really is the killer app. It's the whole point really. A unit of account which is not hopelessly broken due to our lack of knowledge of the total supply.  A unit of account which no party is able to fraudulently represent.



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