Bitcoin is Vegan

Yeah sure, apart from the obvious fact that bitcoin doesn't contain animal protein, the statement doesn't immediately make a lot of sense. The V word is an adjective which describes food, bitcoin isn't food, therefore we have a non-starter. But wait. People sometimes use "Vegan" to describe other people, even when those other people aren't on the menu. It seems insulting to describe a person with the same word for some food they might prefer, like calling a Chinese person "rice" or calling a guy at the bar an "alcoholic", this is probably just a pejorative for the sake of being a jerk. None the less, this is a meme you have probably seen all over twatter and weDumb and faceTick, that bitcoin is somehow related to a food preference? So I'm going to try to justify it here, as an exercise.

  1. We can afford to eat what we like and we aren't afraid to try something different.

    The typical bitcoin user probably is not hurting for money at the moment, after a decade of monetary appreciation of ridiculous proportion. Also, the bitcoin user has demonstrated the ability to do something outside of the mainstream. Therefore, we might expect the bitcoin user to be eating delicious foods they like despite these foods being not part of the mainstream carnist fad ("It's what's for dinner"). Having some newfound financial means often gives a person reason to re-evaluate their tastes and to seek out menu items in a somewhat different manner than their "beggars can't be choosers" past.

    What? Times are tough and you are out of food? Well this is the traditional motivation to turn to carnism, and it doesn't exactly apply to the bitcoin user at the moment.
  2. True wealth comes from good health and wise ways

    Many coinsfolk might have some extra time on their hands, and some have newfound motivation to read up on health issues. Most authors who have looked at diet as it relates to health have come to the conclusion that animal protein isn't great for us. Vegan foods are more popular among athletes and bodybuilders then they are amongst the population as a whole. We might tell ourselves that it's just because the food tastes better that we avoid animal protein, but part of the reason we have taste is to help us get healthy. More energy, less cancer and diabetes, more testosterone, statistically you can see why coinsfolk might want a piece of this.
  3. Bitcoin for a better future of ecology

    Bitcoin users have at least historically had the motivation that fixing the money will help fix the social system, and that eliminating the malinvestment of fiat issuance will help to fix some of the problems of economic inequality, environmental catastrophe, warfare, and other such unmitigated disasters. It's kind of a no brainer: public coin helps us get away from this mad experiment of counter-fiat, the madness it funds, and helps to improve the chances of Gaia (that's us) to survive.

    At the same time, coinsfolk might look at the economics of food production. Many have looked into the resources required for the giant factory farms needed by the population at large to have meats daily. Most have come to the conclusion that foods without animal proteins not only taste better and lead to better health but also lead towards a world in which resources are used more efficiently and once again, our body Gaia has a better chance to survive.
  4. But I just ate a Bratwurst

    Yeah. So? I enjoyed it too. Everyone eats some animal protein, probably the last sip of water you took had some animal protein in it. A spider probably crawled into your mouth at some point last year. And anyway why not? Maybe I was hungry, maybe I was putting social customs above my own fickle taste, maybe I just had an instinct to eat it for whatever reason. Maybe it was great for me. Maybe I got some minerals from it because the animals were livestock was taking mineral supplements. Maybe it reminded me of my youth in some predictable psychological way. Speaking personally, I will probably try to eat most anything served as food, re-evaluating my tastes every day. That doesn't mean most of my favorite drinks (and foods) aren't vegan, and that doesn't mean I shouldn't write this blog post repeating once again that bitcoin is vegan.

That's about it. Plant based foods match our digestive system and we can afford them. Bite That Carrot. OK so the premise is absurd, my apologies. Trying is the first step to failure.

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