Defund Chucky Cheese™

As you know, Chucky Cheese employees and executives have been videotaped wasting perfectly good cheese throwing it at unarmed people and other various abuses of their power. We must work together to defund Chucky Cheese and fight against these abuses of power! Today more than ever your action makes a difference, please support our anti-Chucky-Cheese organization!

To support our efforts to Defund Chucky Cheese ™ please donate 10, 100, or more (your choice) Chucky Cheese Tokens to our organization. To obtain these tokens you can go to Chucky Cheese website and trade for them, or simply give your home or property to Chucky Cheese token issuers and executives in exchange for some tokens which then you can send to us to make your voice heard in the struggle to Defund Chucky Cheese ™.

To help fight Chucky Cheese please send these tokens to Defund Chucky Cheese ™.

Also please consider supporting our sister causes below. Thanks!

Fight Against Joe's Bakery and Bakery-Mafiaism!

As some of you know, Joey Mahoney Balogna has been using his bakery as a base for an extortion network and kidnapping operation, even going so far as shooting passers-by from the store windows. We must not let this continue in our community!

We have begun a program of pie-throwing to fight his network. To help make your voice heard in this important struggle against Systemic Bakery-Mafiaism, please purchase pies for our pie-throwing operation. Pies must be purchased from Joe's Bakery, please donate 5 or 10 or more whatever you can afford. Nearly all the pies you donate will be thrown at Joey Mahoney himself, at his employees, or at the store-front.

Thank you for your support!

Please donate pies like this to us, preferably made by the very organization we are fighting.

Defund the Prison-Industrial Complex!

It's allegedly something of a pity that North America descended to become one of the worst police states on the planet, harassing millions of citizens, confiscating more value in property from citizens than the sum of all other thieves, and incarcerating (in generally poor condition) more humans per capita than any other country. Also racism and murder exposed on camera is probably not optimal, and a lot of other stuff I'm sure you're aware of in regards to conduct of our three letter agencies and security apparati.

To make your voice heard on this important issue, please trade something of value like your labor or stocks or children or other investments for some "Federal Reserve Note U.S. Dollar" tokens issued in arbitrary quantities privately at the discretion the bosses of the prison-industrial-complex. After obtaining those tokens or digitally redeemable equivalents please send them to our organization. We will in turn continue to promote these tokens as valuable in offering them to our employees, who will in turn write messages on posters and purchase bottled water, which state dollar-funded police can spill down the drain.

Help fight the new order of fascism by donating these totally neutral sound money tokens.

Now more than ever, we need you to make your voice heard: Black lives matter! Why not donate 100 white supremacy tokens to the cause today?

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