Maybe Hell Is Just Another Pair of Handcuffs

We've always got to keep in mind what we're doing around here: trying to build a cryptocurrency.

Now, if you want to sync even faster, you can download a bootstrap file from Pretty cool, no?

We've been working hard on creating some easier options for our desktop Linux users, as well.

The next step, of course, and question is: why shouldn't Woodcoin at least have a useful token layer of some sort? What is stopping us from integrating one of the many methods that do this already?

Nothing, really. Our mining network might appreciate the increase in little fees that would result from the many transactions a token platform would use. But they would be cheap enough for the users that they wouldn't care about them.

Thus, if one good dApp was built on the Woodcoin blockchain, we'd see people having a sudden demand for Logs in order to use the blockchain for whatever purposes were built atop it.

Thus, I propose we must in the near future implement a token layer, on the testnet, and try to build it out over time. Ideally, our token layer would be compatible or translatable from the EVM world -- this would result in decentralized applications being easily portable to our blockchain.

The increased demand, and increased traffic, on our blockchain might call for a small blocksize increase, but nothing extreme or unreasonable. Perhaps 3MB blocks would suit if our blocks began to get full, but we wouldn't have to worry about this eventuality until we had the actual traffic to worry about, so there's no sense stressing over it just yet. But I do think it would be easy to get miners and everyone to go along with it.

The increased demand for space on the Woodcoin logchain and the increased transactions (which bring fees to miners) would have driven the price by now, and so miners would not mind expanding blocks in order to get more fees.

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