Market Outlook: Investors Turning to Gold Instead of Woodcoin?

Everyone’s predicting doom and gloom in the rest of the economy. There’s no doubt: years of cheap and free money are bound to fuck us all over.

Don Juan Tango down in DC won’t stop pressuring America's private bank to lower interest rates even more. So forget about saving anything, kids.

Just print and throw more money at the situation is the strategy of the White House – this perhaps explains why every business Orange Individual 1 ever ran ended up fuckered to the extreme, when not in court or abject bankruptcy.

What To Wear During An Orange Alert

Run the government like a business” is perhaps the dumbest thing a person will ever say – government has no product to sell, only citizens to rob.

credit: CNN

For fuck’s sake.

Anyway, CNN reports that gold is performing better than expected as a result of market uncertainty. Oh, there’s a recession coming. We’ll finally learn, for real, whether gold and Bitcoin are “recession proof.” I’m going to tell you something no one wants to talk about: a true squeeze will make every asset worthless.

The bad times that will eventually come because this country can’t balance its checkbook, they will have more consequences than we can probably predict here. Due to the antics of the current dumbass-in-chief, we can expect the communards to take over in the next or the following election. It won’t matter what we do.

And let’s not pretend for a minute that this guy is a friend to the American citizen: nothing he’s done at the economic level has actually made our lives easier.

The Secret Ingredient in Orange Chickenhawk

The recession isn’t a response to natural economic events (other than too many years of low interest rates), unfortunately.

Investors are more afraid than ever to do business here. Donald Trump may believe he has done us all a favor with his madness, but the rhetoric towards China has been particularly damaging to businesspeople.

This is to say that the money is still there. Where does it go? It doesn’t just disappear. In times like these, it goes into hiding. If you want money to feel safe to play in your country, you have to do more than come up with a few shitty slogans and point out that NAFTA fucked our economy.

You have to have a solid economic policy and we’re never going to get that out of this administration. If the republican party had any sense – not saying they do – they would impeach the motherfucker themselves so we’d have a fighting chance at avoiding abject communism within the next two decades.

The Communist Backlash Will Not Be Fun For U.S.

The students are learning what they like and what they don’t like. Mostly they don’t like people like Trump. The students will vote. I swear to God, we’re probably fucked.

That’s fine, I guess. It’s a big world. Those of us in the technology field aren’t really afraid of any recession. The consumer will always find money for new gadgets and entertainment. And when people work less, they read more.

But let’s talk about “recession proof” assets. A limited number of crypto and gold investors are wealthy or well-to-do. The majority, especially on the crypto side, hold small amounts and a lot of these people are only in BTC.

Well, fine, but here’s the thing: a lot of those people will end up losing their jobs. Then what happens to their liquid assets? You guess it. Sell pressure.

We know that a huge portion of crypto investors work in technology, which, as we said before, means they will find employment one way or another. But will the jobs pay the rates they’re used to?

I guess it all depends on the size of the recession we’re about to enter. It’s rare that the cacophony calls for a recession and it doesn’t happen. It’ll come just in time for the November elections next year. Then the Americans will elect an extreme-left liberal. That’s been the goal of the Trump presidency, if we judge his actions and not his words, since the beginning: swing the populace so far left it won’t even consider sensible economic policy.

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Republic Is Lost. We Are Blockchain Citizens.

Which will put the country in its weakest position ever. You’re pretty well fucked if you can’t even pay your defense contractors, trust and believe.

So where does that leave the gold and crypto investors? On the selling side, by and large, with diminishing demand.

Demand for things like real estate and anything else of significant value will also drop. By “demand” here, we really mean the prices that people will be willing or able to pay.

Banks will have plenty of money to lend. The more they lend it cheaply and to bad borrowers, the weaker every other dollar in the system will become.

Which should, in theory, drive the price of cryptos and metals.

But from where I sit, I’m doubtful.

I think a macro economic stagnation will lead to a crypto market stagnation.

I think fewer people than we’d like to believe have any real faith in cryptocurrency as a whole.

Many of those had their faith shaken over the past few years by a confluence of dramatic events and grown children handling billion dollar projects.

Thus, no matter what the asshats out there say, your best bet is to diversify your assets in more creative ways.

Yes, get some Woodcoin, some Bitcoin, some gold, some silver, and some real estate. Own a few vehicles, lots of firearms, and lots of fuel.

These are the things that are going to get more valuable, for awhile at least.

It depends on how far down the masters drag us this time, and whether or not people decide to actually occupy Wall Street this time around instead of bitching in the streets.

Get your hustle on.

Recession is just another word for power consolidation.

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