Stop buying centralized coins!

Seriously.  Decentralized coins are borderless, censorship resistant, and public, in a way that centralized coins cannot be.  They are unstoppable in a way the centralized coins cannot be.  It's easy to tell the difference: decentralized coins have a mechanism that allows them to be secured by the public.  They can be mined.  Without this mechanism, they can only be secured by the company - the owners of the initial distribution.

This company, or said owners, now have a responsibility to vet users of the network.  They have the power to be corrupted.  This power could be used for personal or political gain and even if said owner is a saint they are now vulnerable to extortion by all would-be extorters.  They could even change the rules of the coin, diluting the supply or confiscating your money.

Your duty as a citizen is to use a coin that supports the type of society that you want to see, and leaves you better off.  It's called exercising your political power.  Do you want to support a tyrannical dictator because you think it might give you short term wealth?  Well then you're a moron.  You are chasing an oasis put there by a company trying to fool you.  Does the tyrannical dictator really have your long term interests at heart?  Of course not.  Even if they did, their role can and will be taken over by somebody else who does not.

Stop buying centralized coins already!

Luckily has a way to filter them out easily (select coins -> filter non-mineable).  Use it!  Thanks for your attention.


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