It's all genetic no need to worry

A while ago we showed that intelligence is caused by big feet and obesity by genetics.  In today's lulz we have more "correlation is causation!", in splendid comic form.

Take a look at this post from a "genetic counselor".  This thing struck me as noteworthy for a couple reasons.  The first thing you are likely to note is the avoidance of the subject at hand.  This is de rigeur in the modern medical establishment.  The author has been guided into this world of "the reader, the patient, the customer, are all illiterate scum who could never and should never try to understand anything".  This is why there's no discussion of what DNA is, what the procedures of sequencing are, how they can be interpreted, etc.  Because you're a fucking moron, get it?  Go ask your doctor, idiot.  The fact that you tried to even read this thing is already disturbing.  Isn't there a Sports Illustrated lying around or perhaps a movie or color matching game on your phone?

So instead of talking about the subject at hand, we have some nice people-friendly anecdotes:

We studied their DNA.  Nothing.

Gotta love that suspense and educational material there!  Haha.  Anyway if you're interested you can read this paper, the publishing of which appears to be the "success" referred to in the blog post.  Here's a highlight:

In summary, our findings further document a relationship between the 40 kb duplication upstream of GREM1 and HMPS in Ashkenazi Jews. Genetic counselling and appropriate molecular testing can lead to successful management of HMPS patients.
Declaration of interest: None
Note the goal here:  management of patients.  Note a tentative loose assignment of chumps for future milking.  Note the finding: "a relationship".  Gee, you think big feet are also related to intelligence amongst Pennsylvania-Dutch?  Obviously I'm going to have to heavily obfuscate that study to get it considered for publication here.
Anyhew, lets cut to the chase.  What else is correlated with colon cancer?  What is indeed the most strongly correlated factor with all cancers?  What factor was forcibly removed from the Danish population during WWI which led to a substantial drop of all cancers?  What dietary factor is found to be a requirement for laboratory animals to develop tumors even after being given known-carcinogenic aflotoxins?  What can you tell about this kid's diet based on the photo (male pattern baldness)?  If you don't get it, there's another photo at the bottom of the blog post to give you a hint.
Yup! It's GREM1 genes my friend, go have another FDA approved roast beef sandwich.  Patient successfully managed.  What epigenetics?

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