Climate change for morons

It has come to my attention that some people think "anthropogenic climate change" is pseudoscience. Some people think it's not a real issue. Please excuse me while I borrow from the vocabulary used by some of these people: Hey! You're a fucking retard!

Lets start with the so-painstakingly-obvious-only-willfull-self-deception-and-not-neurological-conditions-can-explain-your-ignorance. "Klima" is a German word for climate.  Go and do an image search for this term, you'll find pictures of air conditioners.  Get it?  Anthropogenic climate change is so blindingly obvious that the word "climate" itself is already an implication of the anthropogenic nature.

Look, I know you have PhDs, lots of wampum, big important stocks, furrows of worry, a rap career, and millions of fans visiting your USG owned domain name.  And why would you care right?  You after all can have sex now and that is all any adolescent should care about.  But seriously: have you been to see the Aletchgletcher?  I mean like getting off your ass and going up to look at it?  See for yourself the amount of ice that has disappeared since they built the Concordiaplatzhütte (replace these with any glacier on the planet for similar effect).  Or have you considered the ski industry over the last 50 years?  I know it snowed and you'd love to maintain that blisteringly important small mindset, and draw conclusions without any kind of reasonable review, but seriously, this is getting embarrassing.

Tell me the climate was similar in Dubai even 20 years ago.  Go ahead.  How about the climate in Manhattan?  Any different today than a century or two ago?  Beijing?  Any of thousands of other large geographic areas come to mind?  How about midwest north america?  Any climate change over there?  Not really huh?  Still the same rich ecosystem, massive herds of buffalo, amphibians and reptiles, diverse flora and fauna contributing to maintaining a thick covering of arable land forming the body of Gaia.  Right?

Go visit the cedars of Lebanon and send me a postcard.  Go swim with the Chinese river dolphin.  Why not do some fishing in the Mississippi river delta?  How about go diving and look at the coral, anywhere in the world, and ask it for yourself.  Or maybe you just have too many reddit posts to look at today, so you don't have the time for these trips.  Just one more level right?  That would feel better than actually asking yourself challenging questions.  Maybe you could look around and find somebody dumber than you, that would feel great eh?  A lot easier than traveling too.  Well then, how about just going to look at your local landfill.  What's the climate like?  Any hint of changes due to actions of primates?



1) Survival should be a prime concern in our decisions of what to do with our time here on middle Earth.  You know, look both ways before you cross the street and things like that.

2) Climate is the life support system of our spaceship.

You with me on these two ironclad slam dunk gold plated facts?  Can you draw some conclusions here for yourself and adjust your endeavors accordingly?  That'd be swell, thanks.


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