In which a couple internet conspiracy theories are debunked.

You will find these memes all over the place.  It's likely not worth our attention so let's be brief.  Here they are in an oversimplified format: "Banks controlled by Jews".  "Illuminati controls Hollywood / Music Indoostr33z".

First of all, by debunked here I mean "finally and permanently discredited" ((Do you know who I am quoting?  I am quoting the last great king.  Forty years after his death, there are people in every corner of the earth who sing his praises and their loyalty.  He passed away right around the time that public key cyrpto was first published.)) in their strong form to those in pursuit of reason.

The first one is already debunked if you don't believe there is a vast banking conspiracy, which in fact there is not necessarily a clear reason to believe, as people acting as individuals could also explain the situation we find ourselves in.  However if you think there is one, the proposal of its Jewishness is still quickly debunked by asking: "where were the Jubilees?".  Let me explain the logic to you if that's still not clear.

1) By "Jews" we mean people who ascribe to the Judaic religion and its teachings, be they Talmudic, Rabinnical, whatever.

2) Judaic teachings demand a Jubilee (forgiving of all debts public and private), for social and ecological recovery, and describe its required frequency.

3) If it exists, a vast banking conspiracy would be in a position to enact a jubilee.

4) There has been no Jubilee for 100+ years.

See what I mean?  It's not exactly a Jewish banking conspiracy, is it. ((Yeah it's tempting to mention the Israelcorp orcery and the orthodox who fight it but lets move on.))

We can quickly debunk the second bit of nonsense by simply noting "Illuminati" means "enlightened".  So, you see, the proposition about Hollywood and "the music industry" isn't exactly true is it.  The logic for you:

1) Illuminati refers to people who are enlightened, that is something along the lines of: intelligent - recognizing of their nature - seeing what is going on around them - knowing what is important - etc.  (you don't have to be currently feeling enlightened to have some idea of what the concept means)

2) Hollywood and music industry control is to some degree about promoting garbage and fooling people into believing things, exerting control over a business for financial gain, or some other such behavior.

3) Not exactly enlightened is it.  Where is the Hollywood push towards movies about the importance of saving biodiversity, free software, the work of Euler and Weyl, nutrition, and the importance of keeping our children away from moving pictures?  Look, I could be a really slow rather useless unenlightened dwarf and still I would know that enlightenment is unlikely to take the form of banality and mediocrity.  Promoting fiat currency can't possibly be enlightened my brothers.

Sure, you could once again try to argue these individual points, perhaps saying "a group of people calling themselves the Illuminati" or "a group of people who call themselves Jews under the following caveats" but whatever, there's no point in arguing with that stuff.  Just get out the way of large moving objects, don't argue with them.  My purpose here is only to make rational arguments, which have their place only in rational discussion.  Hollywood's not exactly an Illuminati conspiracy, is it.


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