Climber's Guide to CoinSec

I've been thinking about this analogy a bit and it is standing up to the test of time at least well enough to let it see the light of day. You see, a lot of people point out that bitcoin sucks because it's totally unforgiving. True enough, in some ways. Kind of like gravity. So using coins is a bit like climbing. Keep in mind of course that your money is not your life and if you think it is you have a lot more problems than I can solve for you in this blog post. OK so the analogy has fallen flat already but let's continue on:

  1. Always triple check the position of your decimal point when sending coin.

    1. Relay essential communication ritually. 1: “Ready to receive at 1blahblah” 2: “Sending” 3: “Recieved to desired confirmation, thanks!”. When moving through areas of difficult connectivity be prepared with backup communication protocols.

    2. Cold storage anchors: Redundant, Equalized, Backed up.

    3. Can't hurt to test by weighting any system with a few millies.

    4. There are objective and subjective dangers. Plan accordingly.

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