Divide and conquer worked didn't it

Remember the days when coinsmen spoke out eloquently on how public decentralized coin was going to change the world?

Who could forget Roger Ver's raw emotion has he recalled Madeline Albright's callous allusion to killing thousands of children in Iraq as somehow a worthy endeavor?  This was a fight worth fighting, one in which public decentralized coin would turn the tide of battle - away from the side of idiocy, corruption, and callous destruction - and towards the side of efficiency, progress, and meritocracy.  Voluntarism was a stated goal, do you remember?  We would destroy Sauron's ring of power, and spread the word to all the lands.

Remember Amir Taaki speaking about social anarchism and the power of the empowered individual?  Of the troubles brought on by empires of fiat?  Falkvinge also spoke well about how this newfound method of collaboration and communication could help tear down the rusty hierarchy promoting stagnation and mental illness which has stood for so long holding us back.  Gavin Andresen even hinted at such, there was only one flavor of exchange commodity he set fire to.

The forums at bitcointalk, as well as Satoshi's genesis block of BTC itself, had this political message.  For what could be more political than money?  And the corruption which surrounded the counterfeiting or private issuance of money was the clear enemy of those promoting public decentralized coin.

The memes were of Morpheus and Neo.  Of Empire and Republic.  Balaji spoke of the new option of Exit which would enable us to escape from corrupt institutions.  Countless coin promoters worked day and night to help spread word of the destruction of the ring, that real was going to change, that rule-by-counterfeit was no longer the only game in town, singing songs and building software to enable us all to get on the bus.

Understanding the battlefield in those times was understanding what is public coin, and what is fiat.


Fast-forward several years, and look at what we see in the same arenas of the battle of ideas.  Some of the same characters, but now fighting each other!  When given air time, twitter time, blog time, you choose to attack one another - one flavor of public coin vs another flavor.  LTC vs. BTC.  DASH vs. DOGE.  BTC vs BCH.  BCG vs ETH.  Coinbase vs. Btc-e.  Bitfinex vs. Bitstamp.  Core vs. ABC.  What an ugly brawl!  The coin, the word, and the pen are our swords.  And when you have a chance to wield them - you choose not to attack the enemy.

Meanwhile those issuers of private currencies continue to issue them, and people continue to trade their goods and services for them.  Fascism, prohibition, and political prisons abound.  Destruction of rainforests orchestrated by corporations funded by newly issued private currencies continues.  Border orcs paid in fiat require nazi papers for us to move around the the planet.  Hospitals and TV stations are bombed and the endangered species killed off, while others place fleets of sports cars in massive garages to seldom be used.


Have you really nothing more to fight for with your life than the size of a block?  Is the choice of a proof of work algorithm the thing you wish to be angry about, while desertification and middle class erosion continue to accelerate?  While academia decays, while injustice prevails, shall we argue incessantly about how to sharpen a blade or shall we pass these swords out to the volunteers who need them?

Should we not say immediately that all mineable non-premined proof of work currencies are bitcoin?  That even some degree of public availability of money supply is better than none?

I know the victory of a few battles was sweet, and you indulged in some well deserved feasting and drinking.  But now look at you, wasting your strength and blood fighting one another while the enemy is having their way with your families and salting the earth of your ancestors.

Sober up and get back to work.  Andreas Antonopoulos and Max Keiser, thank heaven you didn't jump into this drunken brawl as well.  The battle is not over, comrades.