比特币 区块 轮盘赌



This thing is basically self explanatory.  Your bet, sent to a static address, is on the table when it is confirmed in a block.  The ball rolls around on the table - where the ball lies is determined by the last 5 digits of the next block hash.  We pay you accordingly (minus .0003 miners fee).

Please do check "table status" to see how much cash is on the table to ensure you don't bet too much, and whether the croupier is up to date on the current block height.

There are three croupiers manning the table to ensure you can play 24 hours a day.


This thing exists mostly due to problems with the first generation of provably fair games:

1) It's not easy to verify the declared fairness.

Checking usually requires downloading a hash of a server seed before playing, downloading the seed itself after playing, checking the hash, checking a whole series of bets, and possibly other steps.  How many players really do this?

2) It's sometimes still vulnerable

There have been strategies the site operator could use to cheat you.  One thing they could do is search through still-possibly-verifiable seeds (seeds which would have generated existing previous history) and find one which will make your bet still lose.  Another is to use house bets to change the order of your bet.  If the order matters, you  can be cheated.

As you can tell, we got rid of these problems here with block-roulette.  All entropy comes from an ideal stochastic source: the hash of the next bitcoin block.  The down side of this is waiting for the block.  This isn't instant payout anymore.



In fact, even though block-roulette is a big improvement, we still aren't provably fair (it's unclear such a thing really exists).  There is a strategy we could use to cheat you.  Namely, after you place a bet - we see the bet and somehow (possibly through miner collusion) put a bunch of other bets in front of yours in the block.  Then when it comes time to pay out your bet, the table will be empty of cash.

If we ever did this, it would have a very distinct signature.  It wouldn't be worth our while as the game would die.  You can further avoid this by keeping bets relatively small (in potential payout) compared to the available cash on the table.